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100th post

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The time has come for my 100th post and I was trying to figure what it should be. I decided I would tell y’all more about me. I was born in south Carolina and now live in New York. I’m 17 and currently a junior. I only have 10 school days this year an I’m ready for it to be summer. I start to work and not have to worry about so much. This summer I am preparing for my senior basketball season and im focused on being the best player I can be next year. Thank you all for following me.


Quote of the Day (May 30,2014)

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Colour My World


Hello beautiful people!
ITS FRIDAY!!! No matter how hard things may seem there is always something good coming around the corner. The trick is to enjoy life!

Have a beautiful day!

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Quote for the week

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Life of this city girl

Happy Friday!

A quote for the week  – next week I am done with exams so then I will be posting some reviews again 🙂

time for the things we want

Happy weekend!

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Finding Happiness

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Blog of a Mad Black Woman

it's better

“It’s better to break your own heart by leaving, rather than having your heart broken everyday you’re with them.”

Have a blessed day all. ❤

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Former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling finally caved and decided to sell the team. I am sure the Clipper’s coach Doc Rivers was relieved as well as all the black players on the team, being that they do not have to work for a racist owner. (That they know of.)   Sterling reportedly sold the team for $2 billion dollars! The new owner of the team is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer outbid former NBA player Grant Hill who offered $1 billion for the team. He can now sit on his racist ass and not have to worry about feeding or giving homes to black men.

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Catstronaut Loves Games


Celebrating 20+ years of go-kart coursework

There ain’t nothin’ like a Mario Kart track. Over the years they’ve gotten wilder and wilder, from Super Mario Kart’s modest “real kart racing with a twist” to Mario Kart 7’s manic, setpiece-laden jaunts through the air and underwater. And now with Mario Kart 8, Nintendo plans to turn those courses upside-down with antigravity sections that’ll see karts racing on the walls and ceiling.

Just before Mario Kart 8’s May 30th release, I’d like to run down my own personal list of the best and worst tracks in the series’ history. I’ve chosen to break things down by game — I want this list to represent the entire series, after all, and not just my own favorite Mario Kart games. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope these are some of your favorites, too. Here we go, starting with the most recent game…

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Lessons in Life

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sweet haven

Although this was a short work week with Memorial Day on Monday, it sure did seem to go by slowly!  I look forward to Friday (who doesn’t?!) all week and like to plan out what I want to do and what to get done over the weekend.  My list always includes chores too time consuming for a weeknight, plans with friends and kickball if it’s during the season.  After a crazy weekend of travel to visit Will’s parents in Mobile, Alabama for the holiday, I think this weekend’s list should be a little less productive and a lot more fun.  Goal for this weekend is to do at least one thing each day that makes me happy and my guess is it’ll likely be something creative or crafty.  Will likes it when my creativity is also edible!


Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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