The 7 indispensable qualities for Leadership Excellence

Posted: May 20, 2014 in leadership

Neale Lewis - Gazelles Coach

I recently had the privilege of hearing Pat Williams speaking in Orlando and hearing his thoughts on leadership much of which he has learnt in the US sports arena and through his book writing, including his book  “Leadership Excellence.” In his speech he outlined the seven indispensable qualities for Leadership Excellence:

1.  Vision

Outstanding leaders understand the importance of vision in leadership.  A visionary leader sees in Vivid technicolour.   Ronald Reagan said  “To grasp a vision is the heart and sole of leadership.”    They see a finished product and that is what keeps them going.  They are crystal clear on where they are going.

Vision benefits :

1. It will keep you focused. Locked In,  a blinker like focus on success.   Nothing appears to great leaders than straight ahead.

2. It will keep fuelled, energised and passionate about where you are going.  This passion should radiate through the organisation.

3.  It…

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