What To Expect For Celtics At NBA Draft Lottery

Posted: May 20, 2014 in sports

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — As fans watched the Boston Celtics lose 57 games during the 2013-14 season, there was always light at the end of the tunnel.

As the losses piled up, so did the number of ping-pong balls for the Celtics in the NBA Draft lottery. Each time they let another game slip away in the fourth quarter, the C’s were inching a little bit closer to possibly landing the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, or at least a high lottery pick that could lead to a franchise-altering selection.

On Tuesday night, we’ll finally find out where the Celtics and the rest of the NBA’s lottery group will pick in next month’s draft. A bunch of ping-pong balls will determine who gets that coveted first overall pick on June 26th.

This year, co-owner Steve Pagliuca will represent the Celtics at the lottery. Celtics legend and play-by-play man Tommy Heinsohn went in 2007 when…

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