History of Nintendo and other ramblings.

Posted: May 28, 2014 in childhood, Video games

My Nintendo Dimension


Fist thing is first… my acquisitions of the week….

These guys were picked up at a yard sale and were thoroughly checked for bed bug before entering our building.  The last thing we need here is an infestation!  Anyways they were picked up all for $15.  What was kind of funny was that the kid I bought them from (probably no more than 6) had no idea how much change to give me.  Being the honest fella that I am I told him the correct amount.  I’m sure dad was eavesdropping, in which case  I’m glad I didn’t try to rip his kid off as he would have wiped the floor with me!  For a yard sale I think I over-paid a bit, but what the hell he was a cute kid.  Plus they look nice on display.

Speaking of being ripped off.  I still haven’t received that package in…

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