ESPN Reporter John Barr On The Many Lies Of Donald Sterling And The Clippers Possible Sale

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Basketball, sports

CBS Baltimore

John Barr is a reporter for ESPN and formerly of Fox 45.

John joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Donald Sterling saga which continues and seems to never go away.

[cbs-audio-player title=”ESPN’s John Barr on Donald Sterling” artist=”105.7 The Fan” download=false image=”” url=”″ station_name=”105.7 The Fan” station_logo=””]

John talked about other cases involving Donald and Shelly Sterling and getting depositions about Sterling making racist comments and sexually harassment. There were also many documents from the case where Donald tried to kept races out of his housing developments. John mentioned that the point of all this was that the NBA could have looked into all these situations and tried to get Sterling out and why did they not act sooner.

John also talked about the many lies that Donald Sterling has been caught up in such as saying he paid for sex and enjoyed it then completely denied it…

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