When the star of your show ‘Isn’t’ Godzilla

Posted: June 3, 2014 in movies
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Why is it that movies that showcase destruction on a societal and even global level always want us to only care about one, boring man, dry man?

After watching the new Godzilla film, I was immediately hit with flashbacks (more like trauma dreams) of World War Z. Why, in both films, there is immediate parallels, not so much in story, but of the fact they had two boring GI-Joe caricatures to be our protagonist.

A boring character is a boring character. It is an obvious truth in every sort of fiction. A character that does not have faults does not make an interesting character. Yet so often, these very characters are chosen to be the protagonists. Why is it in the most recent disaster films, Godzilla being the most recent example, is it that these films even need to stick so close to the single protagonist.

In the new Godzilla…

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