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Nerd's Eye View

Marvel Movies always seems to have me hooked.

I mean, Marvel is amazing, just amazing.

It seems to be something they can’t stop doing for anyone.

I Love DC, I read their comics continually and I watch almost all of their TV shows, but what is it about Marvel that always has me hooked?

………..DC makes me feel ‘meh’ sometimes. I don’t want to say this, but it’s true.

Ok, let me clarify

MARVEL is really knocking it out the park with their movies (*Cough*Avengers*Cough*) and DC is (Actually “was”) just about doing well with Batman, but that was it. It was just Batman.

He seemed to be fighting the Avengers and all of Marvel by himself and although he was putting up a good one. One man can’t win this battle.

Well I had to do some self-searching before I was able to give a full verdict, and I…

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100th post

Posted: May 30, 2014 in childhood, leadership
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The time has come for my 100th post and I was trying to figure what it should be. I decided I would tell y’all more about me. I was born in south Carolina and now live in New York. I’m 17 and currently a junior. I only have 10 school days this year an I’m ready for it to be summer. I start to work and not have to worry about so much. This summer I am preparing for my senior basketball season and im focused on being the best player I can be next year. Thank you all for following me.

Catstronaut Loves Games


Celebrating 20+ years of go-kart coursework

There ain’t nothin’ like a Mario Kart track. Over the years they’ve gotten wilder and wilder, from Super Mario Kart’s modest “real kart racing with a twist” to Mario Kart 7’s manic, setpiece-laden jaunts through the air and underwater. And now with Mario Kart 8, Nintendo plans to turn those courses upside-down with antigravity sections that’ll see karts racing on the walls and ceiling.

Just before Mario Kart 8’s May 30th release, I’d like to run down my own personal list of the best and worst tracks in the series’ history. I’ve chosen to break things down by game — I want this list to represent the entire series, after all, and not just my own favorite Mario Kart games. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope these are some of your favorites, too. Here we go, starting with the most recent game…

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My Nintendo Dimension


Fist thing is first… my acquisitions of the week….

These guys were picked up at a yard sale and were thoroughly checked for bed bug before entering our building.  The last thing we need here is an infestation!  Anyways they were picked up all for $15.  What was kind of funny was that the kid I bought them from (probably no more than 6) had no idea how much change to give me.  Being the honest fella that I am I told him the correct amount.  I’m sure dad was eavesdropping, in which case  I’m glad I didn’t try to rip his kid off as he would have wiped the floor with me!  For a yard sale I think I over-paid a bit, but what the hell he was a cute kid.  Plus they look nice on display.

Speaking of being ripped off.  I still haven’t received that package in…

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Rose Tinted Reset



The nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex is engineering animals from his island fortress to be soldiers in his bid for world domination.  Crash is a failed experiment who escapes…. somehow… for reasons. Help Crash wreck Cortex’s islands and save his girlfriend from being turned into the general of Cortex’s army (More damsels in distress… ugh).


At least I think that’s what the backstory is, the opening scene jumps around a lot.


Crash Bandicoot was developed by the three man development effort known as Naughty Dog and was published through Universal Interactive Studios– the fact that three guys made this game astonishes me. Naughty Dog was composed of Andy Gavin, Jason Rubin, and Dave Bagget– who was hired later in the game’s creation. They decided to jump into the 3D world with a classic genre of game, action platformer. They chose to release for the Playstation because it seemed less clunky…

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Mind Hacks

The BBC is reporting that a UK teachers union “is calling for urgent action over the impact of modern technology on children’s ability to learn” and that “some pupils were unable to concentrate or socialise properly” due to what they perceive as ‘over-use’ of digital technology.

Due to evidence reviewed by neuroscientist Kathryn Mills in a recent paper (pdf) we know that we’ve really got no reason to worry about technology having an adverse effects on kids’ brains.

It may not be that the teachers’ union is completely mistaken, however. They may be on to something but maybe just not what they think they’re onto.

To make sense of the confusion, you need to check out an elegant study completed by psychologists Robert Weis and Brittany Cerankosky who decided to test the psychological effects of giving young boys video game consoles.

They asked for families to take part…

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