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Maya Angelou

Posted: May 29, 2014 in quotes
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Beats, Rhymes and Life


I was lucky enough to hear Maya Angelou talk about her incredible (and tragic) life and also listen to her recite her beautiful poetry when I was studying in the US. I join many others in celebrating her life and her amazing works, and for being such a strong and inspirational woman. 

Maya Angelou in fifteen quotes

A brief history of how Maya Angelou influenced hip hop

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Two-Minute Tune-Up

Often the thing that makes us crazy is the fear of losing (or never being able to regain) something we think is essential to our happiness.

We often fight, claw, scheme, plot, gamble, bargain with God, fret, worry, and despair in order to hold on to:

  • someone we love
  • our health
  • a job we think we’ve got to have
  • our youth
  • the money we have or want
  • prized possessions
  • our status or illusion of status

Ironically, the only path that will keep this pursuit from turning ugly is to let it go gracefully…whatever or whomever it is.

stephen king

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