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SAN ANTONIO — In as dominant as an NBA Finals performance as you will ever see, the San Antonio Spurs catapulted their legacy up with the all-time great franchises of an era — five titles over 15 years, an unparalleled length of greatness in the modern era.

After the game the Spurs players didn’t talk much about that.

What they talked about openly was how this was cathartic. How they needed this win to remove the sting of scars from the last three years and everything that was said about them.

There was 2011 when the Spurs were the No. 1 seed muscled out of the playoffs by the Grizzlies in the first round. Clearly these Spurs were too old.

There was 2012 and games 3-6 of the Western Conference Finals when the Thunder swept them out of the playoffs, when it looked like the younger generation had passed the…

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[nbcsports_video src=//www.youtube.com/embed/dro2ZIHQ-Yg width=620 height=349]

With Sunday night’s win that is four titles for the trio of Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. (Duncan has a fifth in 1999 with David Robinson before the other two arrived.)

It has been seven years between title, the fact they won this year speaks to not only their longevity but also how they all adjusted and grew their games to fit a new system, and to their mental fortitude bouncing back after a tough loss last season.

They earned this, and they savored it.

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Be Brave Enough (Quote)

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Wheel Life Thinking

Be Brave Enough (Quote)

“You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with so be brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down.” – UNKNOWN

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The End of Junior Year

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This was my first year my school and it is coming to an end. I have 3 days left of my junior year then exams. Junior year is considered to be one of the hardest years of high school. Junior year also sets up your college. I already took my SAT and did pretty well on it but i am still trying to increase my gpa so i will be able to get into more colleges and the scholarships will be better. 

Next year is my senior year and i am not sure how i feel about that. It means less than a year from now i will have played my last varsity basketball game, had my last first day, decided what college I am going to and really become the person i am going to become in life. It should be an interesting year. 

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Personality or Attitude

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Lessons in Life

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Sometimes we have to accept that things are over so we can start again. People often hold on to certain feelings about people way longer than needed and it causes them to not be able to move on.

Lessons in Life.